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Assington Barns June 5-7

posted by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated ]

Doug & Brenda will open the site at Assington Barns at 14:00 (that's 2 PM in old money)
This is a new site for us and looks like being a great weekend with plenty to do on site and a nearby bus stop for travel to Sudbury or Colchester.

See for more information

NFOL Booking

posted 23 Apr 2015, 07:55 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 23 Apr 2015, 08:00 ]

Just a reminder that its not too late to book for the NFOL.

Brian has booking forms with a credit card section which he can e-mail to you. If you send them to Kathy Giles by the end of the month you will be included in the MCS block booking.

Don't miss out, support this event it's in our area this year and being run by Eastern Region at Houghton Hall Norfolk a lovely site and lots of entertainment arranged

Howard Update 22/4/15

posted 22 Apr 2015, 07:00 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 23 Apr 2015, 08:05 ]

From Kathy Giles:

Hi all

Today I have spoken with Howard, at the moment he is still in hospital, he had a bad weekend, but they have now put him on steroids, and is slowly improving, he tells me that if he continues this way they will let him go home on Friday. He sounded like the Howard we all know, which I am sure is a relief to us all, and we hope it continues.  He tells me that providing it does he will be with us at the National, he also asked me to thank you all for your cards and good wishes.

However, we must all remember that although we don't wish to lose him from Section Council, we do need to find a replacement Treasurer this year, so please look around talk with your members and see if you are able to find a member who would consider taking on this role.  They would be given full training and of course full support by both Howard and the Section Council.

That's all for now, best regards



posted 9 Apr 2015, 08:44 by Web Admin   [ updated 13 Apr 2015, 04:13 ]

Easter at Clacton was a very successful event with plenty of visitors from across the Thames to make up for the poor attendance of North London members with 39 units in total.
Brian gave us an Easter quiz on Friday night with hits from 1975 (the founding year) being played by Matt.
On Saturday we were entertained by Georgia Pine who had everyone on the dance floor, with first prize for energetic dancing going to John Adams. We never knew he could move so well.
Sunday the entertainment in afternoon and evening was from Steve Perry who gave a great performance despite having come down with a cold that gave him difficulty.
The weather was cold but overall bright.
A big thank-you to all involved and, of course, to all those who attended.

Pictures are here and more here

Below are our birthday cards received at the meet:

May Day at Hertford

posted 8 Apr 2015, 00:05 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 8 Apr 2015, 03:41 ]

Theme is 1960’s Mangrove Holiday Camp,Fancy dress competition, games and disco, a fun and full packed programme all weekend. Site opens at 12 noon

Site fee £11.50 pun.

PS: Don't ask me, I copied this from H&NL website.

Program is below

40th Anniversary Pennon

posted 30 Mar 2015, 04:52 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 30 Mar 2015, 04:56 ]

The special 40th. Anniversary pennons, designed by Charlie Chaplin, are selling out fast so contact Brian Daniels as soon as possible to reserve yours.

To save postage costs you can arrange to pick it up at the next mutually convenient meet.

Don't miss out on this unique souvenir

The Cock Inn, Broom

posted 29 Mar 2015, 09:55 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 29 Mar 2015, 09:56 ]

The June meet at the Cock Inn, Broom was originally advertised as being a booked meet due to space restrictions but, after a site visit today' we see that the new owners have removed some former fencing and the rally field is now big enough for the restriction to be removed.
The Cock Inn is a quaint pub with "no bar" and a variety of real ales with a wonderful atmosphere.

They have a very good menu and get quite full at weekends so although you no longer need to book your place on the meet you may wish to book a place for a meal in the pub, either on arrival or by phone.

To help you take a look at their website which has their menu plus more information about the pub.

Offline Maps

posted 27 Mar 2015, 01:35 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 27 Mar 2015, 01:35 ]

I spoke to some people at the AGM about the app that I use for offline maps.
The link is here

This app is for Android or iPhone and the maps are all free. I recommend it


posted 26 Mar 2015, 00:38 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 26 Mar 2015, 00:43 ]
Are you on Facebook?

If so try clicking on the image (left) to go to our new Facebook page.
It is a closed group for NLEA members only so you will need to request access.
It's just an experiment to see in there's any interest so don't expect miracles.

Any problems please e-mail me

An e-mail from an old member

posted 3 Feb 2015, 04:03 by Ralph Burtonshaw

E-mail received from Margaret Yeomans

Just received Waggoners Talk and noticed 40yrs celibrations at Easter and later in July.

40 years ago last September an invitation was sent out by CCC  for any motorhome member to attend a meeting at Theobalds Park clubsite ( if my memory is correct)  to start a new group  to be named North London Motorcaravan section.this meeting was sucessful and so NLMS was formed. Unfortunately the first chairperson and secretary gave up in the first year due to work commitments. They were replaced by Alan Doherty chairperson and his wife Gill as secretary , my position was PRO for the first 3yrs. My hubby Dave and I still have a motorhome and are still quite active out and about. Hopefully we might make it to the celebration at Clacton but quite a journey from the peak district.
I understand quite a lot of the original membes are pushing up daisys or no longer camp, I understand Charlie Chaplin comes out now and again.I lost touch with Alan and Gill years ago.

I have quite a few photos of some of our meets in the early days.mostly of our popular "Penny Fairs" held at Theobalds Park or at Balls Park at Hertford. We NLMS did get a reputation of being a rowdy lot, Not true we were a bunch of happy people from all walks of life and luckily one member Mick was great at providing music. Vernon would have you all playing volleyball, dam that whistle he had. And quite a few kids ranging from 3yrs to 14yrs of age who over the years grew up together. NLMS was made up mostly of people like ourselves who had bought a van or minibus and had  converted it themselves, I think John and Peggy were the only ones with a named model. Many a weekend was spent sitting outside our vans in a gang till late in the evening, even sent hubby and others to the local fish and chip shop for about 40 lots of fish and chips or just chips and sausage , when it was raining we would all squeeze in someones awning ( not many had awnings to start with) and to extend that awning with large brollys etc so we could all be together. 

As children grew up and life commitments changed we camped less with NLMS especially when it changes to NLERMCS as the meets moved from the north London , then in 1990 we moved to Debyshire.

Well can amble on for ages but need to feed the dog.

Bye for now hope to see you soon.

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