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Food available at Stow THS

posted 21 May 2015, 03:28 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 21 May 2015, 03:28 ]

Steward Brian Daniels has informed us that takeaway food will be available at Stow THS this year, Monday - Saturday.
For more information contact Brian ( or take a look at the catering company's website

Chiltern Region Summer Meet

posted 13 May 2015, 10:25 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 13 May 2015, 10:25 ]

Details and program for the Chiltern Region Summer Meet are now available.
See below:

MCS National

posted 10 May 2015, 06:25 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 10 May 2015, 06:25 ]

Just received from Kathy Giles

National Meet at Newton Abbot -

This is just to let you know that the Entertainment on Friday night is “The Flower Power Band” please take note of the name, as D & C would like us all to participate in style for Friday night - so “Peace & Love” to you all its the Flower Power people

A Message from Howard Randall

posted 6 May 2015, 01:20 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 6 May 2015, 01:20 ]

I am pleased to say that after 7 weeks I am out of hospital at last. May I thank all of you in North London & Eastern Area for all the cards & best wishes you sent to Ruth & me. I have now to recuperate but really hope to see you at some point at a weekend or THS. The motor home is looking very lonely!
Best wishes from Howard Randall

And on behalf of all NL&EA members I would like to wish Howard well in his recovery and I'm sure we are all looking forward to seeing him out with us again.

Assington Barns June 5-7

posted 27 Apr 2015, 01:30 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 27 Apr 2015, 01:33 ]

Doug & Brenda will open the site at Assington Barns at 14:00 (that's 2 PM in old money)
This is a new site for us and looks like being a great weekend with plenty to do on site and a nearby bus stop for travel to Sudbury or Colchester.

See for more information

NFOL Booking

posted 23 Apr 2015, 07:55 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 23 Apr 2015, 08:00 ]

Just a reminder that its not too late to book for the NFOL.

Brian has booking forms with a credit card section which he can e-mail to you. If you send them to Kathy Giles by the end of the month you will be included in the MCS block booking.

Don't miss out, support this event it's in our area this year and being run by Eastern Region at Houghton Hall Norfolk a lovely site and lots of entertainment arranged


posted 9 Apr 2015, 08:44 by Web Admin   [ updated 13 Apr 2015, 04:13 ]

Easter at Clacton was a very successful event with plenty of visitors from across the Thames to make up for the poor attendance of North London members with 39 units in total.
Brian gave us an Easter quiz on Friday night with hits from 1975 (the founding year) being played by Matt.
On Saturday we were entertained by Georgia Pine who had everyone on the dance floor, with first prize for energetic dancing going to John Adams. We never knew he could move so well.
Sunday the entertainment in afternoon and evening was from Steve Perry who gave a great performance despite having come down with a cold that gave him difficulty.
The weather was cold but overall bright.
A big thank-you to all involved and, of course, to all those who attended.

Pictures are here and more here

Below are our birthday cards received at the meet:

May Day at Hertford

posted 8 Apr 2015, 00:05 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 8 Apr 2015, 03:41 ]

Theme is 1960’s Mangrove Holiday Camp,Fancy dress competition, games and disco, a fun and full packed programme all weekend. Site opens at 12 noon

Site fee £11.50 pun.

PS: Don't ask me, I copied this from H&NL website.

Program is below

40th Anniversary Pennon

posted 30 Mar 2015, 04:52 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 30 Mar 2015, 04:56 ]

The special 40th. Anniversary pennons, designed by Charlie Chaplin, are selling out fast so contact Brian Daniels as soon as possible to reserve yours.

To save postage costs you can arrange to pick it up at the next mutually convenient meet.

Don't miss out on this unique souvenir

The Cock Inn, Broom

posted 29 Mar 2015, 09:55 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 29 Mar 2015, 09:56 ]

The June meet at the Cock Inn, Broom was originally advertised as being a booked meet due to space restrictions but, after a site visit today' we see that the new owners have removed some former fencing and the rally field is now big enough for the restriction to be removed.
The Cock Inn is a quaint pub with "no bar" and a variety of real ales with a wonderful atmosphere.

They have a very good menu and get quite full at weekends so although you no longer need to book your place on the meet you may wish to book a place for a meal in the pub, either on arrival or by phone.

To help you take a look at their website which has their menu plus more information about the pub.

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