posted 9 Apr 2015, 08:44 by Web Admin   [ updated 13 Apr 2015, 04:13 ]
Easter at Clacton was a very successful event with plenty of visitors from across the Thames to make up for the poor attendance of North London members with 39 units in total.
Brian gave us an Easter quiz on Friday night with hits from 1975 (the founding year) being played by Matt.
On Saturday we were entertained by Georgia Pine who had everyone on the dance floor, with first prize for energetic dancing going to John Adams. We never knew he could move so well.
Sunday the entertainment in afternoon and evening was from Steve Perry who gave a great performance despite having come down with a cold that gave him difficulty.
The weather was cold but overall bright.
A big thank-you to all involved and, of course, to all those who attended.

Pictures are here and more here

Below are our birthday cards received at the meet: