posted 3 Oct 2015, 01:05 by Ralph Burtonshaw
At the last NL&EA AGM in March it was announced that the treasurer was resigning and a replacement was needed.
Since then we have appealed in Waggoners Talk, on the website and in Facebook. We have had only one person show interest but he decided, on reflection, that we was unable to give the time required.
We are required to provide a name to C&CC HQ in Coventry by November and at present it looks as if we have no name to give them.
Attendance has been very poor for some time now and this year we ran 2 meets in celebration of the group's 40th anniversary which, despite free catering and professional entertainment, were attended by only a few NL&EA members.
It therefore looks as if the future for this group is very uncertain and we are unlikely to have either a treasurer or a committee next year so the 40th. year may well be the group's last.