Welcome to the North London & Eastern Area
Motor Caravan Section

2015 was not the best of years for North London and Eastern Area.

We celebrated our 40th anniversary with 2 fantastic meets. Each had professional entertainment and lots of food but unfortunately members didn’t support them very well and attendance was poor.

Attendance was also very disappointing at nearly all our other meets in 2015.

In the last 2 editions of Waggoners I appealed for a new treasurer to come forward. Unfortunately the only ones who did, decided that they were unable to dedicate the time required. Thus I have to report that we have no treasurer for 2016.
Kath, our current treasurer, has reluctantly agreed to continue in post until the AGM in April but no longer.

In view of the poor attendance and the lack of treasurer the current committee feel that they are unable to continue so will all be resigning at the forthcoming AGM.

Dave, our sites secretary, has put together a great program for 2016 but in view of the uncertainty over the group’s future we have decided not to publish them. If a treasurer can be found and a new committee formed then the program will go ahead.

Future events

24-28 March. 

Easter invitation from Kent and Southern Area. This meet will be in the seaside town of Broadstairs and is sure to be a great time. Looking forward to seeing as many NL&EA members as possible.

22-24th April

NL&EA AGM. Acton Village Hall, Suffolk. Please try to attend the AGM (Saturday 23rd.) if you can’t make the meet. This will be vital to the future of the group.